Artistic mind, green thumb.

When designing a new landscape or remodeling an existing one, our designers consider factors such as the longevity, health and continued long term beauty of the plant material. For example; seasonal climate changes that may be experienced in a particular zone, possibility of frost, water restrictions/drought conditions, sun exposure and soil conditions.

Our landscape installation supervisors personally hand select our plant material to meet all your specifications utilizing Florida #1 or Florida Fancy grade only. As a customer of ours you can rest assure that you will never receive inferior, undersized or unhealthy plant material but rather the largest and healthiest plant material possible, whether from our own nursery or our selective high quality growers.

With those items in mind we then proceed to design a unique colorful landscape with multiple textures and elevations appropriate to the architecture and style of the surroundings.

We also install our plant material with the proper spacing for healthy future growth. When planting trees we consider items such as hardscapes that may be damaged by future root growth and also position trees far enough away from all structures and other large plant material so the future growth of the tree is healthy and unobstructed.

Our seasonal flower rotations stand out amongst the rest simply because we at Big Yellow Services pride ourselves on the use of unique and interesting seasonal flowers not commonly seen in other landscapes, not only for their inherit beauty but for their sustainability between rotations.

All seasonal plantings are installed on a bed of fresh planting soil with the proper mix of pete moss and top soil. Seasonal plantings are maintained with the highest quality fertilization, fungus and insect control as well as routine pruning to ensure a groomed, healthy, blooming flower.

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