Extended Services
Services availale in select counties only.
Fertilization / Pest Control

Utilizing Graduate Entomologists and technicians that undergo constant training, they can quickly identify and treat any new problems that arise.

Our contestant review of new products and adherence to the University of Florida guidelines allows for the most effective treatment possible.

With the environment in mind we never use harmful materials such as Organophosphates but rather chemicals that are much lower in toxicity for people, pets and our planet.

Tractor & Bobcat Service

Whether it’s multi-acre mowing, brush clearing, grading, site preparation, tree installation and removal or any other heavy equipment needs, Big Yellow Services has the resources and knowledge to get the job done.

Water Features

From small fountains to large waterfalls or picturesque Koi ponds, Big Yellow Services will create your own personal work of art using unique hardscape materials and interesting aquatic plant materials.


With our extensive construction background we offer precision brick paver installations, cultured stone accents, decorative walls and planters, arbors, stone pathways and terraced retaining walls to enhance any existing or new landscape design.

Aquatic Management

Whether it’s submersed, immersed or floating vegetation, filamentous algae or shoreline grass and brush control Big Yellow Services will keep your ponds, lakes and other wetlands clean beautiful and healthy year round.


Our sod installations always include full soil preparation by chemically and physically removing all existing weeds and turf as well as ensuring there is no insect activity prior to installation. Only the highest quality sod guaranteed to be insect and disease free and cut fresh within 24 hours of installation is used.


With our conventional seeding program only freshly harvested seed from our selective growers is used with minimum seed rates of 200 lbs per acre and includes 500 lbs fertilization per acre.

With our hydroseeding program we use a minimum of 450 lbs of seed per acre with 1500 – 2000 lbs per acre of hydro mulch.

The quality of our workmanship and attention to detail is what sets Big Yellow Services apart from the rest.

With our extensive in house network of highly trained professionals we at Big Yellow Services can accommodate any customer needs, including; sodding, conventional and hydro seeding, fertilization/pest control, state of the art irrigation designs and installations, aquatic maintenance, tree services, landscape lighting, seasonal decorations, water and fire features, decorative ground covers and hardscape installations. We also offer tractor, crane and Bob Cat services which include; grading, tree installation and removal, multi acre and vacant lot mowing and brush clearing.

We never cut corners or lose sight of a job well done. We guarantee that any customer request will receive immediate personal attention by either our highly trained staff or the company owners. We hold our customers in very high regard and work with tireless effort until the task at hand is completed and our customers' expectations have been met or exceeded.

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